Coaches & Contacts

Kristell Williams Founder/Director of operations/recruiting contact (903) 818-7348
18U SCS/ Excel Elite
Head Coach Kenneth Wilson
Coach Kenzie Wilson
Coach Brittany Lee
(817) 683-2460
18U Excel Elite McNutt
Head Coach Gay McNutt
Contact Kristell Williams
(903) 818-7348
16U Excel Elite Williams
Head Coach Shannon Williams
Head Coach Brad Court
(903) 819-8038
(469) 753-9852
16U Excel Elite Burns
Head Coach Alex Burns
Assistant Coach Heather Stone
(817) 929-1295
16U Excel Elite Holcomb
Head Coach Jason Holcomb
(214) 504-8223
16U SCS/Excel Elite
Head Coach James Clem
(214) 708-4007
16U Excel Elite Slack
Head Coach Brad Slack
(817) 994-1123
16U Excel Elite Urias
Head Coach Stephanie Urias
(682) 564-8354
14U Excel Elite Scheurer (06)
Head Coach Larry Scheurer
(937) 439-6025
14U Excel Elite Nunez
Head Coach Ciera Nunez
(806) 654-1637
14U Excel Elite Leblanc - ETX
Head Coach Ed Leblanc
(936) 404-6863
14U Excel Elite Sims
Head Coach Bri Sims
(469) 323-0524
14U Excel Elite / DND 2K7
Head Coach Scott Blankenship
(817) 879-1905
12U Excel Elite Maloney (09)
Head Coach Slade Maloney
Head Coach Stephanie Maloney
(214) 783-5054
12U Excel Elite M&M
Head Coach John Meyers
Assistant Coach Sarah Morales
Excel Elite White 09
Head Coach Amanda White
(903) 641-1137
12U Excel Elite/DND 12U
Head Coach Don Orebaugh
12U Excel Elite DND 09
Head Coach Stephanie Urias
(682) 564-08354
12U Excel Elite 2K9
Head Coach Scott Blankenship
(817) 879-1905
12U Excel Elite NTX 08
Head Coach Rhylie Makawe
(817) 771-8939
12U Excel Elite Wheeler (08)
Head Coach Wheeler Hill
(817) 991-7265
12U Excel Elite James (08)
Head Coach Jordyn James
(817) 233-3014
12U Excel Norfleet (09)
Head Coach Jeff Norfleet
(903) 767-6100
10U Excel Elite/DND 2K10
Head Coach Hunter Steel
(214) 504-8223
10U Excel Elite Holcomb
Head Coach Jason Holcomb
10U Excel Elite/ DND 2K11
Head Coach Chad Notgrass
(201) 892-6757
8U Excel Elite Campbell - NTX 2031
Head Coach Carey Campbell

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