Key Members Speak

Kristell Williams

Kristell Williams

Founder | Director of operations

Excel Elite is a program built for female athletes aspiring to take their game and education to the next level. We strive to help young women follow their dreams of playing college softball while helping them find the right place to do that. In the process, development is important so that our athletes can compete at the highest level possible.

Our program and staff have impacted many young athletes’ lives, and we will continue to build forever relationships in the softball community!

- Kristell Williams

Shannon Williams & Brad Court

Shannon Williams & Brad Court

Board of Directors

We teach girls life skills as well as softball skills. As coaches we want them to be able to compete in both. We do not look for position players we look for coachable athletes and teach them the game and how to play the positions.  Through out our organization we have a proven track record and will help your daughter find a place to play at the next level that is the best fit for them along with being prepared for what is next.  Our coaching staff has 28 years combine; we have filtered all our players to programs that best fit them.

- Shannon Williams & Brad Court

Slade Maloney

Slade Maloney

Board of Director | Player Development

I have a passion for coaching softball, I love seeing players accomplish goals that maybe no one ever thought possible. Female athletes play with so much emotion and heart, it makes it so easy to fall in love with the game of softball. The players are my inspiration, they ALL make me a better person.

Stephanie and I have been coaching together for close to 20 years, we love teaching the game as much as competing. We are always thinking of creative ways to teach athletes the game of softball. We have a working playbook that we continue to modify each year, there is something new to learn everyday, leaders never stop learning. Becoming a great softball player is not about who is the biggest, who is the best athlete, who can run the fastest, throw the hardest or hit the ball the farthest. Becoming a great softball player is all about a players desire to outwork the competition, being a team player and developing a very high softball IQ.

We pride ourselves on player development, we expect our players to work hard on and off the field. We also hold our coaches accountable to work hard and become students of the game. It makes no sense to expect your players to put in the work if the coaches don’t work equally as hard or harder to take their athletes to the next level. Championship level players and teams are forged through blood, sweat and tears.

Our players have always outworked the competition at every level. We have had teams finish in the top five at National Championships, help send several players to power five, division one college programs. Our philosophy has always been the same, we may not be the most talented team, but we will be the hardest working team on the field. Creating a winning culture is important, expecting less of yourself or your teammates on or off the field should never be acceptable.

Attitude, Hustle, Desire, NEVER be outworked! Any of our players will tell you, these are words that we live by. Ultimately we want our players to become strong, independent young women that will become leaders in society and be successful at whatever they aspire to pursue in life.

- Slade Maloney

Michael Lotief

Michael Lotief

I love softball. Each morning I wake up excited to get to work. This is a wonderful sport that has everything: speed, hand-eye, skill, excitement, poser, execution under pressure. Playing the game is molding our daughters through physical and mental challenges: to suffer & strive to produce those moments of magic, to be a part of a team/ family striving to achieve a shared goal- all are the beauty of softball.

Excel Elite has the special opportunity to positively impact our youth in ways that go beyond the softball field. The training at Excel Elite will play a powerful role in forging how your daughter competes.

To me, there is no better measure than putting your all into practice and training than putting what you’ve learned into action on game day by then striving valiantly & daring greatly and maybe even coming up short BUT then because of your commitment to EXCEL you get back up, dust off, learn from the struggle & resolve to do it all over again.

- Michael Lotief